Sunday, September 29, 2013

Remember When..... PART 2

Remember when we ask to make a song for our graduation, that truly describe the life of a high school ASSUMPTIONISTA?

If you can still remember singing this song please have a try to answer the blanks given below.

Lyrics by: 4th year Students 1992-1993

Di mapapawi ngiti ng alaala
sa araw na ito nakaguhit ang ______.

Di maglalaho mga lungkot at saya
dahil ito'y _______ ng lakas at _________.

Anuman sinuman kami ngayon
ay ______ ito ng mga tao ng ating _______.

Sa aming pag-alis dala sa isip at _____
na ang ________ngayon ay ulila sa _____at _________.

Iisa ang tugon _________ man
alalahanin ang _______ang _______ at kalikasan.

Kaya't di mapapawi di maglalaho

Maging sinuman kami ______ ay _____ ng _______, ng bagong simula.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Remember When....PART 1

  • Remember when... we are enjoined not to linger around our campus and who are caught are subject to penalty. 



The only section that has the most CAT OFFICERS.  HOW MANY ARE THEY?  REMEMBER WHO ARE THEY?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Back to School Giveaway Blogger Sign Up

Looking for bloggers to ACTIVELY promote numerous giveaways. With the form below you can sign up for any of them you like or all of them. I would like to offer a free Facebook or Twitter link for your help. 
You can purchase additional links for $1 each. Funds will be put towards Walmart gift card(s). ($10/each)

Please read additional information at the top of the Form. 

Sponsors and prizes include:

Lugz------------------ Mens Drifter boots
Meridane Designs----- Zymbol Pendant necklace
OMG Nails ----------- 2 sets of nail strips / 2 winners
At A Glance----------- Mead and Fivestar supply package
Gold Toe-------------- childrens and adult socks
Almondina Brand----- Sampler pack
Sally Hansen --------- new fall Xtreme Wear Nail Polish -10 shades
NYC New York Color - Set of 10 Appplelicious balms
Mighty Bright -------- Xtra Flex2 reading lamp

These are possible other sponsors. 
Gilden- Fleece Sweatshirt(s)
Anna's Linens- Dorm organization
Del Sol -
Green Time Bags -
and others may still come in

*** If you click all on the form I will send the "possible" giveaway HTML's to you as well. 

For a 20th Year Reunion

It's our 20th year Batch mates since we graduated.  And I'm pretty sure that you have changed quite a bit.  And might have hard time remembering the faces and names of some of our classmates.  Well, I guess I am one of these type of a person.

Be reunited with us once again and have an enjoyable walk down memory lane with our friends, BARKADAS, KAPAMILYA, KAPATID, KAPUSO.....KA'BATCHMATES!!!!

...this video is dedicated to the Graduates of ASD Batch93....others are gone...but the memories of FRIENDSHIP is still there where ever way go....MISS YOU ALL BATCHMATES!!!!!

We need to know how many are going. So we are requesting ASD BATCH 93 to visit this link ASD BATCH 93 at 20.


We from ASD BATCH 93 Board Members and Officers encourage everyone from ASD Batch 93 to send or post pictures for our classmates to see. So that we can build excitement beforehand by playing online games that require group participation. 

The title is "Remember when..." games are always fun. Remind them of an incident, and have people guess who was there.